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NAS hard drives vs. enterprise hard drives

Depending on the market, one class of drives might be better priced than the other. This raises the question if you can use NAS drives in a server or enterprise drives in a NAS. Long story short, yes, you can use either type of drives.

NAS hard drives have different firmware but other than that there is little difference when it comes to the latest models of higher capacity storage. NAS HDDs would be better suited for burst reads if you had to choose. Enterprise drives are great for consistent performance. Noise and power would be about the same for any typically found 7200 RPM drive.

Beware though, enterprise options include various sector formats, power disable options, and interfaces. As long as the sector format isn't locked (rare but usually locked to 4Kn which works in NAS and PC), you have a newer power supply, and the drive is SATA, you should be good to go.

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