How do I save on compatible parts?

Server Part Deals offers a variety of conditions and compatible models for our server products. Our team can help determine which options are available for your needs so you can decide which solution is right for you.


For Dell and HP hard drives, we include the option to change most models to a compatible model. Compatible parts are often HGST, Toshiba, or Western Digital manufactured drives. White label drives (produced by a manufacturer other than the original model) work just as well as their Dell and HP counterparts for a significant difference in price.


Third party compatible drives arrive in hot swap trays, ready to be plugged in and used. All OEM/compatible drives have been carefully selected, tested, and proven effective as replacement options for compatible server models. All OEM/compatible drives come with a Server Part Deals warranty, ensuring absolute satisfaction in performance. Our internal failure rate is less than 1.5% over the last 10,000 Compatible drives sold. Compatible hard drives are new, with the same specifications and proven to work in the same servers as their branded counterparts. 


What condition are the parts I order?

The condition of your parts depends on the options you choose in the ordering process.

    • Factory Sealed (Hard Drives): These parts come in their original packaging. They have never been opened or used.
    • Brand New: These parts come open box. They have low to zero hours on them and are classified as never used.
    • New Bulk: These parts are often excess from large orders that have been returned with less than 1000 hours of use. They are thoroughly tested and checked prior to shipping. New bulk hard drives come with a Server Part Deals warranty.
    • Recertified: These "green label" parts have been repaired and retested by their original manufacturer. They are tested prior to use to reduce failure rates.
    • Refurbished: These parts have been repaired and retested by a trusted third party. They are tested prior to use to reduce failure rates. Refurbished drives come with a Server Part Deals warranty.

For discontinued part numbers that have no options available in new conditions, Server Part Deals can often offer recertified or refurbished parts.