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Which SAS Enterprise Hard Drive do I need for DELL and HP Server?

Posted by Allana Creech on

If you reading this don’t feel alone.

We all sometime just want a little guidance about which type of SAS will make

our application happy. Sometimes it is just good to review what we can about

hotplug SAS drives to make sure they are appropriate for your server or storage

unit. Determining the correct drive or storage device type can be looked at from

several different viewpoints. Below are some general guidelines that can help

you review some of your SAS needs.

REMINDER: The information provided here is geared towards SATA and SAS

hotplug drives. Make sure to double check the physical drive size for your machine.

Measure Twice

Reviewing our options for sizes brings us to the ballers of the Storage Device world.

Large Form Factor (LFF) and Small Form Factor (SFF) are the two sizes.

Does your machine use the 2.5-inch SFF or 3.5-inch LFF drives?

One of the best rules of thumb is to measure the drive that you have currently in your

server or machine. The measurements of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch refer to the interior

of the disk. The measurement is from the round dis inside the drive and not the

metal housing measurements.

WARNING Don’t open the drive to look inside! I know it’s tempting but just don’t.

When you are measuring your drive width and height measure the bare drive.

The hotplug tray sizes can vary but the bare drive will give you a more accurate

size requirement.

Let’s go over some examples of the different form factors, along with some

detailed images to help show measurements of a drive.


Dell Compatible W348K 600GB 15K RPM SAS-6Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drives


External Hard Drive Dimensions: 4-in X 1-in X 5.75-in

Internal Disk Dimensions: 3.5-inches


External Hard Drive Dimensions: 4-in X 1-in X 5.75-in

Internal Disk Dimensions: 3.5-inches


External Hard Drive Dimensions: 2.75-in X 0.59-in X 3.95-in

Internal Disk Dimensions: 2.5-inches


Dell 400-APGD 900 GB 15K RPM SAS-12Gb/s 2.5” Hard Drive


External Hard Drive Dimensions: 2.75-in X 0.59-In X 3.95-in

Internal Disk Dimensions: 2.5-inches

So what happens when your ruler is a no show. What now!

Don’t panic there are always other ways to check and see what size

is correct for your server or storage solution.

Lets Look at Hewlett Packard (HP) Hard Drive for a Moment.

What if you would like to check your HP server for the appropriate drive.

Another tool besides size is the Style of Drive that the machine takes.

HP in the 200’s developed a hotplug hard drive carrier tray that helped

set the standards for SAS and SATA drives. One of the first drives that

they met this standard with was the Gen8 model for Proliant servers.

This allows you to visually see the drive tray or carrier. One of the quickest

ways to determine whether your server requires these drive is to visually

match up the drive. Considering your system you can see that drive that

is currently in your server and you can even reference the following image.

NO Hard drives installed.

What happens if your server does not have any current drives

“metal shell” only. This means that you can’t measure or visually see

any drives to compare or use as a reference?

Another way you can identify what drive you need, “Legacy vs. Smart”

is by the model | generation of the Proliant server you use. Your server

is a Gen8 or newer model it will more them likely take the Smart Drive

style Tray or Carrier. If you are not sure what generation your server is

here is a fun link to research your machine by

part, model, or serial number.


Now that you know what you know what you need its time to purchase.

You can use the link to shop for SAS Drives or SATA Drives.

At any time if you have any questions you can contact us!

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