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Solid State Solutions For Your Enterprise Level Needs

Posted by Allana Creech on

Solid-State Solutions

By Allana Creech December 14, 2017

Something may seem simple, but in fact the details are complicated and likely to cause problems if you don’t know the correct SSD for your enterprise need. There are many items to factor in with SSDs and sometimes finding out what you need for your application can be time consuming.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) Professional Drives are geared to meet your application needs. The reliable storage that one must be able to trust is because it can deliver uncompromising value during performance. With performance noticeably faster than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), it will help meet your need for faster boot and quicker program load times.

With SSDs there are many different variations in sizes. With today’s technology that does not have to be a factor any more. This is because 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factor trays can help easily plug in the drive into your new or existing computing system.

Milliseconds of latency can result

in delay seconds of a delayed

response in the application level

Unlike HDDs, which use a mechanical are to move around data and read information from, there are no moving parts. In addition, SSDs can use non-volatile memory space which means that when the memory is turned off it won’t forget what was stored. When it comes to data center operator’s money on hardware, decreasing the rack space requirements, and allowing companies to cut energy requirements for cooling while maintains (or even increasing) data handling capacity.

Leading the pack in overall performance, consistency, and efficiency is what SSD has become known for. Accelerated data with consistently low lag time, latencies, close and foreseeable IOPS distribution and committed controllers.

Let’s review some great features of Solid State Drives (SSDs):

  • Lightning Fast: sometimes in the thousands times faster than HDDs out performing HDDs
  • Keeping it Cool: use less energy and generate less heat for your system
  • Built to Last: Rigorous testing and stress level deductions helps ensure quality
  • Rock Solid: Average Failure rate has decreased to make them reliable and cost effective

Drive Recomendation for SSDs:

Intel SSDSC2BA400G401

Intel SSDSC2BB012T401

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